Why Fighting Matters

Here is a casual written excerpt on why I decided to take the fight against climate change.
       “this week i was asked why did i want to fight. why i wanted to save the planet. why i travelled so far for “stupid training” i thought about this for a few days to remember when i first started going full speed and that was in November of 2014. when i met my niece. my araya, my ray of sunshine. ill always have the special bond with her because she was the first life i got to hold with title of aunt and when i held her in the nicu for the first time, i almost cried seeing her all tangled in wires. anyone who has seen the inside of the nicu will understand where im coming from. there was nothing i could do to make her healthy instantly. she was so gentle, fragile and pure. i wanted nothing but the world for her. i got very protective of her, her twin brother and my newest addition of nephew to the auntie Caty clan. (P.S the munchkins are the only ones in the world i will let call me Caty)  i couldn’t let them inhale the fumes of carbon that will not only hurt the planet but are the leading causes of asthma and a wide range of health issues, watch the ocean rise and flood the cities i love and be scared of extreme weather events that happen every week in the world.
i researched away for about two solid years before watching cowspiracy and the inconvenient truth, both of which i highly recommend. i learned more than i ever thought possible and had uncomfortable conversations with some close people that still to this day believe that this is all some hoax. as i live and breathe the news 24 hours a day, i urge all of you to watch all over the world how many times a “natural” disaster happens. i say “natural” because these events are happening at a rate that is unnatural. rain storms that can cover all of Texas in eight inches of water, is not natural. some of the worlds largest lakes drying up because of years long droughts are not natural. sure, the world changes but that takes thousands, millions of years, not decades.
i am fighting so that i don’t ever hear my niece or nephews say, why didn’t you help save the world auntie? why did want to let us live in world with no clean drinking water, dirty air and in temperatures that make mental illness and crime rates worse? why didn’t you do something when you knew all of this stuff was happening? i want them to enjoy the world and all the creatures on it.
if you aren’t actively helping to reduce the toxins in the world and you have young loved ones in your life, you are setting them up for a horrible future. so many people live in the selfish and immortal ideology that it would affect them but we are in the times where you ARE going to see the affects of all our actions.  i most likely won’t be a mom, but i am an aunt and i will do everything in my power to make the earth a healthier place because right now, i would never and could never put a life on this planet because it’s just not safe or healthy to do so.
im not perfect when it comes to being eco friendly. i have contributed to factory farming, ive left the water on, ive kept a light on longer than i should, ive driven when i could have walked or taken the bus but now having this extra dose of a wake up call, i will do everything in my power to help reduce emissions and try to be carbon free. i will be that person to annoy you to do better. i want the planet to live, i want future generations of every species to enjoy this planet. this is our only home so we actually better do something and make it liveable or we are going to be that species that wiped ourselves out because of stupidity. i will fight like my world depends on it, because it does. #BeInconvenient”

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