Dear Deniers and People of America

climate change is not political. it’s not what us snowflakes, or libtards made up to “screw” the economy. there are no sides. republicans, democrats, liberals and conservatives all around the world have agreed that the climate epidemic is real. that we need to do something quick or else it will be too late. just because trump has pulled out of the only thing in the world that every country has agreed to, does not and will not mean that the fight has ended. you cant trump me and you sure as hell cant trump the planet. he will never be good, he will not make america great again. he will make america sick again. republican states have stated after the announcement that they will continue the fight to reduce emissions. states have made the Paris agreement an actual law so that trump can’t touch it. side note, trump can pull out of the agreement officially on November 4, 2020. The United States presidential election is on November 3, 2020. America, please do not vote ignorant into office. as many Americans asked what it’s like in Canada, i can assure you, it’s nice knowing that my leader is fighting climate change and is not ignorant to the problems everyone is facing.

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